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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 18, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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ight with good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm alyssa cook. we begin tonight with information just in from san jose where a man has been shot and killed by police. it happened where officers tried to stop a stolen car. we've got more with more on what happened. >> reporter: well this shooting happened just about three hours ago as you can see it is still an active investigation. we're about a block from where it all happened. but right where it took place, a neighbor rushed down to the place, took a picture and sent it to us. you're looking at a photo of
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two undercover police cars. investigators say that he threw his car many reverse and rammed those police cars behind him. putting him in drive to ram that parked car in front of him. at that point they jumped out of his car where the suspect tried to run that officer over. the officer fired one single shot, hitting the suspect. paramedics took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. this all started when they tried to pull the suspect's car over, but they were terrified as the chase went through their neighborhood. >> it was pretty scary when the cops were chasing the kid, almost hitting a little kid around the corner and they stalled because you know there was another car that cut them off also. >> we don't know much more about the suspect other than he was an adult. also one other passenger inside the car with him. it is unknown about what other suspects they are looking for at this point. no one else injured in this incident. >> do we know how long the
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pursuit lasted or how fast they were going? >> reporter: yeah, they are saying it only took place for a couple of blocks. witnesses telling us they were going maybe 30 miles an hour. they were peeling around the corner and at one point they had to swerve out of the way of an ice cream truck. >> thank you. the u.s. postal service is billions in the red as you know. massive cuts are looming. saturday delivery is going away at the pony express. but somehow a $2 million convention at san francisco got the stamp of approval as we sent sharon chin to find out why. sharon? >> reporter: ken, some critics have blasted the event. but the u.s. postal service says it is necessary. some people raise their eyebrows when they hear that 400 u.s. postal service executives are gathering for the national postal forum at the center in san francisco. >> and i don't think that it is very wise about spending the money. >> reporter: and so why is the postal service spending more than $2 million for the conference when they said they
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are going broke? the conference executive director goodson says that it is the one chance that postal executives get all year to network with 3,600 of their most important client who pay a total of $22 billion in postage last year. >> the u.s. postal service is not doing them any good just staying at the plaza in the headquarters. they need to meet with theircustomers. >> it is a sponsored golf tournament, which is one of the contributors. everybody pays their own registration fee. >> reporter: and what about the party that they are hosting tonight at the marriott hotel? goodson says it's a thank you reception for their largest mail users. >> we have dessert, coffee, and a d.j. to play a little bit of music. that's our dance party. >> reporter: the national postal forum also recognizes companies who use more snail mail. >> that's what the conference is about. educating mailers on how to grow your mail and how to use
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the u.s. postal service to help you mail better. >> reporter: outside the conference, postal workers protested the proposed service cuts, including ending saturday deliveries. but one worker's son says he hopes the conference will help reinvent the postal service. >> a lot of people are losing their jobs. people are being relocated outside the state. >> reporter: the usps says they are watching their cost by sending 160 fewer employees to the conference this year. and they are paying $155 for each hotel room, a 40% discount. sharon chin kpix 5. >> the conference runs through wednesday. the workshops include more efficient mail packaging and extreme weather. like many public officials caught up in a scandal, this man insisted that the allegations against him were a distraction and a political lynching. but tonight a jail sentence looms for the tomorrower law make -- for the former
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lawmaker. we were in the courtroom for the guilty plea. >> reporter: the former supervisor agreed to the -- supervisor greeted a reporter on the way to court, but he didn't stop to talk under the advice of his attorney. the only talking he did was to a judge when he entered pleas to the series of the felony and misdemeanor charges that he lavishly spent public money on himself and used up to $136,000 in campaign contributions to feed his gambling addiction. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: that went on for seven more times. a total of seven charges guilty on all counts. >> i don't want you distracted by the political lynching. >> reporter: much different than him seen last fall as the president of the board of supervisors, reacting to media stories about his failure to report years worth of campaign contributions and how he used the accounting credit cards for dinners, drinks to casinos. he served on school boards, the
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san jose city council and board of supervisors for almost 20 years waived his rights to a trial and will accept the court's sentence. he's eligible for up to eight years in state prison, but the district attorney will recommend a much more lenient sentence in county lockup. >> we were aware of his addiction and some of his public service. we were aware of how the community was wrong. we knew he was going to step down right away. we wanted to end the nightmare and so we agreed that we would ask for one year in county jail. >> reporter: late this afternoon his defense attorney told the prosecution that he's won nearly $400,000 in winnings from gambling. where that money is now to be accessed to pay as restitution. oakland's top cop is on the offensive, a p.r. offensive. kpix 5 tells us while hisofficers worked to clean up
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the streets that the chief is busy clean up the department's image. >> we're going to be doing things differently. >> reporter: whether it is announcing police patrols. >> this is the first step in doing it. >> reporter: counting the latest criminal sweeps. >> we have a lot of good news. >> reporter: or knocking back bad stories. oakland police chief has recently become a lot more aggressive when it comes to dealing with the press. >> we want to be a person to tell our story. and as the chief of police it is my responsibility to do that. >> reporter: maybe, but in recent years events like occupy along with questions about the police shootings and the conduct and the fear of the federal takeover in the department, they often had the cops playing defense. >> and we have been forced sometimes here to react to negative stories. and so we will be taking advantage of the positive stories, telling them before they are broken by some news organization. >> reporter: so often when you see those police stories here, involving the police brutality, involving the police shootings.
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>> reporter: that's one reason why across the bay that the san francisco police unit has started putting out their own commercials, like this one, who recently saved the dying baby. >> my partner for them. they will begin the cpr on this baby. >> reporter: it is one of the reasons why they put out a statement on friday, saying that the police misconduct did not play a role in having to spend about 14 years in prison after being falsely accused of the sex crime. and claiming that he was wrongly put on their most wanted list is still a suspect in the beating crime. >> and with stories here to prove that they are not entirely accurate. they will need to hear from the police department on what exactly happened. >> we're going to be seeing more of that. >> yes, you will be. >> reporter: the attorney who has sued the department over the misconduct issues for years praised their newfound candidate, but also noted that the chief and the department, they will be under fire on a number of fronts. >> this might be a great way to speak out to the public now to sort of get some kind of a job security. >> reporter: speaking of job, it is no secret that chief
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jordan would like to get a couple of more cops on the streets to help fight crime. to do that he needs to get some voters, which might be why he has such an eye on the press and how they are reporting oakland pd. in oakland, kpix 5. we're getting our first look at oakland's newest crime fighting strategy. the police department is slicing the city into a handful of districts starting in east oakland. this map will show you how district four and five in east oakland are being reorganized. and this is what the former plant looked like. the new strategy that will be shuffling the police officers and each district that will be headed by the captain tasked with reaching out to the community. well a nice run of gorgeous weather. the bay lights right there. a great night to look at them. but rain will be on the way. paul paul has more. hey paul. >> yes, they will think that this rainfall is gorgeous as we have rain on the radar with more coming tomorrow. showing us some rain along the
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sonoma county coastline almost making it to santa rosa and clover dale. most of it staying west of the mountains, but a sign that things are changing. first the cloud cover moving through today and widespread rainfall coming in. here's the deal, big storm systems coming on in, but it's not a big deal. giving us light showers along the coastline here tomorrow. i think that you will get through your morning commute tomorrow rain free. after that, that's where we're going to have rain moving in. updated rainfall totals that will be getting a bit higher in the next 20 minutes. >> thank you, paul. the world economy hit another speed bump today. once again they came from europe. this time in a good old fashion bank run. cbs news reporter on the tax plan that emptied out the atm's. >> there is growing anger. hundreds gathered in the streets to protest their bank accounts. they were trying to pull their
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money out. and that the banks will shut down at least until thursday as they are waiting for the banks to reopen. >> it is our time to draw all that money. we can't trust them anymore. yeah, it's sick. >> reporter: the secret administrators met on monday to discuss a plan. the government wants to take money from their citizens to help with the troubled financial system in the country. lawmakers are expected tvote on the package on tuesday. the proposal to take money directly from peoples accounts have never been done before. markets around the world fell up here in london, but opened up with a triple drop. >> it sort of goes with the primal fear of people that will protect their nest egg for the future. and that it will disappear. >> reporter: it is leading to their demonstrations across the country as they popped the bulldozer outside the bank in protest. and the level of anger is only expected to grow the
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government approves that bailout deal. for cbs news, london. >> and now the anger is not limited to the account holders. but today, they personally denounced a tax plan. russians have about $19 billion in deposits here. much of that will be sought to launder the money stashed away by the corrupt russian officials. and the preparations for the pope francis, it is the inaugural mass underway right now at the vatican. security will be preparing for the hundreds of thousands that are expected to cram st. peters square and the surrounding streets tomorrow. the vice president joe bidden is among the world leaders attending the mass as he'll be leading the u.s. delegation. if we can't get on, then i'll just need to wait for the next train, i guess. >> bart's grand experiment will be underway as we check in on day one of bikes on board. i love it. it changed my life really. >> but apparently it has not changed many lives.
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why a ferry route that is not drawing many passengers that might get expanded service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and that includes the commu hours. we sent k-p-i-x 5's christin ayers to find out w the first day of the pilot program went. ((pkg)) natsot christian vazquez is waitin bring his bicycle on board it kind of depends on who you ask as this is the first time that bart has ever tried it, forcing bicyclists and other riders to commute together in harmony and already the complaints are pouring on in. they are waiting to bring their bicycle on board during rush hour at the bart station. >> we can't get on. and i just have to wait for the next train, i guess. >> reporter: he may be waiting for a long time. for the first time in their history, bicyclists are getting to ride the rail during their rush hours through friday. it happened -- it has not exactly been a ride through the park.
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>> reporter: and then the question that commuters will keep asking the bart officials. >> are you crazy? >> reporter: their spokesman says that this is only a test. they'll be collecting feedback online to allow them all hours of the day permanently. after last summer's dry run, they got complaints that the entrances to the trains were too crammed. so this time around they will be clearing out seats to make way for those bicyclists. and still, they say that the only way for them to avoid that bike jam is to bring up a collapsible bike like hers. >> reporter: those who can't fold left cooling -- holding their wheels. >> i had to wait. i just had to keep waiting. >> reporter: and again bart is still listening to feedback as you can take a survey and leave
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with any comments that you have about that on their website. >> reporter: meanwhile the proposal to eliminate the parking spaces to make room for bike lanes in san francisco is not sitting too well with those business owners. tonight, they gathered at the local coffee shop here in washington to discuss their plans as they are worried that fewer parking spaces will mean fewer customers. >> and that does not answer th customer framing business as i could not survive if they could not take that five by seven inch or foot frame from my service to their car. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if their proposal goes on through, then they
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could remove 20 blocks of the street parking between union and others. a shortage of space if you are taking the new ferry service from oakland to south san francisco. and the votes -- the boats are off and running two-thirds empty. transit officials say that the answer could be more service. in the nine months since it started, only 131 commuters on average will use it monday through friday. >> i love it. it changed my life really. i mean, to not drive across that bay bridge every single day is really a big difference for me. >> the one launch last june to connect workers through the east bay to their companies here in south san francisco. companies like these, they run regular shuttles. but they operate with an annual $2.3 million subsidy from bridge tolls. yet they only generated about
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$145,000 in fares so far. they'll add another afternoon trip to the east bay. currently the ferries leave south san francisco at 5:14 and 5:45 p.m. >> maybe not a bad idea because if you miss this one, the next one is not until $545 -- is not until 5:45 or something like that. >> we believe that it will be competitive and we're going to invite a lot more people to our service. so we are still taking on this service. >> reporter: it'll cost an extra $230,000 to add a run as they hope to make more fares by introducing a short run twice a week. that's pretty good for them. >> and you still offer about half of them that will be subsidized. >> we're public transit and
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that is a decision that they have made there to support public transit. via bart or buses or ferries. >> reporter: they have two years to get at least 40% of that cost here in order to continue to qualify for their subsidies. and the new run, it is expected to launch on april 29. in south san francisco, kpix 5. weather time, there is already rain on kxix 5. high- def radar. how much rain, how long will it stick around? so many questions. i'll have the answers next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right good evening to you. first it should be mainly dry for most of you as it will be cloudy here for you keeping the temperatures up overnight. you'll wake up to 45 in concord. san francisco 48. some rain has invaded them here and other counties and kpix5 will watch this one wave of rain move on through it. it's not what you'll get tomorrow. just a little appetizer before the main course arrives tomorrow. we'll talk about that course as it will be a big broad storm system all the way west of seattle. this time of the year they will head to the south and the north. now if you get caught in one of those two pieces of energy, you'll get caught in the rain like we are at this time. we won't give you too much
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rainfall. we'll get some. and light rain will begin tomorrow, moving in from the north to the south and we'll have rain at times, all the way until the lunchtime by wednesday. the computer forecast model says mainly dry until about 2:00. look what happens after that. about an inch and a half for them. perhaps a quarter of an inch of rainfall, if not more. and rain will be moving from the north to the south. after that the sun will be shining back. rain in the afternoon for fremont, your high in the 60s. the lower 60s for pleasant hill and lower 60s for kentfield. extended forecast for you as the rain will be moving on out and we'll be sunny and mild right on through the weekend. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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sunday at maples pavilion.. for cal??? the women are the top seed in the west as the cardinals will be opening up with tulsa on sunday. as for cal? yeah, they are pretty happy that the bears are in the number 2 seed in the west as they could meet them for the trip to the final four. they will travel to texas for their first round match up. take a look at them looking to beat the hornets for a third time this season. but they had no answer for them here with six threes. 30 points for them, beating them here for the big lap up. all up for san antonio and a tied game here in the fifth. athey will hit that the finals..... shark er to the center. they will face puerto rico to


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